Help Please

Literally no one has asked me this, but I’m going to answer it anyway. I’m a fairly private person. My social media is mostly pictures of my work, and of course, my cat has his own Instagram because he’s far cuter than I am. I rarely post my opinion on anything, I don’t even comment on friends’ posts. I hardly ever post personal milestones, and the last blog post I wrote, my first blog post actually, caused me such stress and mental turmoil it’s a wonder it got pushed at all. Of course, it covered politics (the insurrection at the Capitol had just happened the day before, and frankly, it felt wrong to try to talk about anything else), which is pretty much a taboo topic for me, especially within my family. I’m sure I’m one of the many many many people in this world who have views that don’t align with their parents’, and so I have always avoided the topic to preserve our relationship.

So why am I writing this blog where I must air out various thoughts every so often? Well, the person I hired to help with my marketing suggested it would be a good idea. And since previously I was doing absolutely no marketing at all, I thought why not? I write, I’m a writer, I’ve written a whole book, so how hard can it be to write a few hundred words every now and then?

Turns out the answer is very difficult, because unlike writing a book, where one main idea carries the whole thing through, each individual blog post requires a whole new idea. And so I find myself sitting down to write the blog post, and I just stare at my computer screen and write maybe ten or so first lines and then promptly abandon them.

Should I write about yesterday’s inauguration?

It’s been a long four years…

But no, I don’t actually want to discuss politics more than absolutely necessary, because like I said, politics is a bit of a touchy subject. So I went on my trusty little search engine called Google and typed in “blog post ideas,” and out popped various other blog posts about what other bloggers could possibly write about. One of them was my daily routine.

I woke up this morning and made myself a cup of tea and turned my attention to knitting a crown out of wire because I remain unemployed and need a variety of projects to stay busy.

Another suggestion was how I got started in my career, as if people these days only have one career.

I began writing while I was working full time as an engineer, a job I hated, and trying to become a costume designer, a job that requires me to be around other people and hence why I am unemployed during a pandemic.

What about learning new things? A new hobby I picked up?

So I started school again this week, mostly because I remain mostly unemployed and don’t seem to have much to do during the day.

And then there were the suggestions of industry success, like “how to be successful in your niche,” “sitting down with an industry influencer,” “the best piece of advice for success,” etc etc, which I think requires me to a) go outside and meet people, and b) already be famous, neither of which I am or plan on doing in the middle of pandemic in LA.

Basically, the conclusion is that I’ve still got nothing I want to write more than a sentence about (except perhaps unemployment, but that sounds depressing to discuss). If you have any good ideas, or things you would want my thoughts on, let me know! Then in a few weeks, I can stare blankly at my computer screen for less time!