In Support of the Pandemic Wedding

As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to be let into a Zoom conference call for another online wedding. I’ve been to a couple at this point, including the one where a whole bunch of people signed in, only to sit there for any hour or whatever while the video feed never happened. The ceremony was only to be 15-30 minutes in the first place, so what were we waiting for? Perhaps the ceremony started late? Perhaps there were technical malfunctions? We were left wondering and waiting, only to find out later that the person in charge of the zoom had messed up. Which was actually okay, because to be honest, I was in the middle of answering emails anyway. So I didn’t lose any time waiting around, just a little panicked that I was in the wrong zoom room or something.

In general, zoom weddings are a bit weird, no? They were very useful during the pandemic when of course, not many people could go to in person to weddings. But how do you choose who to invite in person, and who must be relegated to the depths of the internet? Do you choose only family? Do you choose the people who live closest to you and so have to travel less to get to the wedding? Do you just throw darts at all the names of the potential invitees?

Anyway, at first, I was slightly hurt to be one of those relegated to the online world, but then I realized, this was actually a huge benefit to me. Because while I’m waiting for this wedding to start, I am sitting in sweats on my bed under the covers (yes, in the middle of a very hot summer in Los Angeles, because my roommates have the AC on 24/7 and my room is constantly a freezer), and I’m writing this blog post. I didn’t have to travel anywhere, I didn’t have to dress up or do my makeup, or wake up early, or force myself to socialize with people I haven’t seen in years. I can just chill. It’s actually quite nice. And it takes up almost no time!

This particular wedding is for someone I’m no longer really close to. Our parents were friends, we grew up together, but my brother was the one that was extremely close to the groom, and so when they cut down the guest list, my brother was the only person in our family to still receive an in person invitation. Any offense I may have felt (because he also got a plus one, which is strange when you’re trying to cut down a guest list) has since been mitigated by the fact that I haven’t dressed up to go anywhere in so long I may have forgotten how to do it. Also, of course, there is nothing in my closet for me to wear! But my video feed is off, so my top half doesn’t even have to look nice. Minimal effort to support an acquaintance? I’m all for it. I hope this trend continues. I will happily drink to all my friends’ best days of their lives from the comfort of my bed. Cheers!