Rental Conspiracies

Last year, I moved into a new house with a few roommates, and it’s been a bit of a strange situation. They were all theoretically friends beforehand, but I don’t think they’re all friends now, although they do still all hang out together at times. The living situation wasn’t absolutely amazing, but I wouldn’t be here for more than a year, and am now in the process of buying a house (pray for me, because this market is competitive and a total emotional roller coaster), so I’ll be out soon and then I don’t have to smell weed all day or listen to the freeway all night.

But anyway, the house used to have a very large backyard, but when my landlord bought it, he cut the property in half and very quickly built a second house in the backyard. It was finished in December, and has since sat empty. We have no idea what’s going on. At first, we heard it was to be a 1 bedroom, single story house in the back. And then it was to be 4 bedrooms, but 2 stories. And when it was built, it was 3 bedrooms, with a bathroom in each room and another full bathroom in the living room, and a garage. And then, a few weeks later, the garage was converted to another bedroom with a full bathroom inside of it, and the garage door was nothing more than decorative.

And then people filtered in an out, coming and going to see the house. We would watch from the front house and speculate when we would get new neighbors. First they said there would be people in there in January, then February, then March, and now it’ll be May tomorrow, and the house sits empty.

A month and a half ago, we found out our landlord died. Now, none of us were close to him, but we’d see him now and again coming to inspect the house being built in the back, and we’d say hi, and he was nice, and he was pretty responsive and fixed our problems, so we generally liked him. So it was a shock to hear that he had suddenly died, and threw our situation in more of a weird limbo. His widow sent in an appraiser because she wanted to sell the house, presumably to another investor who would get the property with both houses rented out already – people have continued to come and check out the house. But, the house isn’t listed for sale anywhere (or for rent anywhere) and trust me, I have combed the internet archives in search of more information.

So the other day, we found out we would now be writing our rent checks to a completely different person, who rumor has it has purchased the property from our landlord’s widow, but who knows? Our property manager is a man of very few words and getting information out of him is a hassle. Besides, sometimes trying to figure out the answer is far more satisfying than the answer itself. This is how we come up with conspiracy theories, right?