Zella Faye Blanche began writing on a whim back in 2015, during a time when many other aspects of her life was in upheaval and writing just a little bit every day added some much needed stability. She quickly found that she enjoyed her time thinking of the right words to put on paper, being able to explore different ideas and concepts without ever needing to go outside. Sound familiar to anyone?

Zella first came up with the idea for Glass Domes after listening to a talk by Bill Gates, who explained that the world was not at all prepared for a pandemic on the scale of the 1918 Spanish Flu. Coupled with her fascination in human morality and psychology, writing about a scientist in the midst of a pandemic of their own making seemed like a natural fit. Little did she know at the time that the world would shut down just a few years after she had created that imaginary quarantine and pandemic.

Zella currently lives in Los Angeles and is working on her next book, tentatively titled The Unwanted and sincerely hopes that that too does not come to pass.


GLASS DOMES is her debut novel, now available on Amazon.

RUMINATIONS is her debut short film. Find her on IMDb.